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2012 to 2014
on-going series of short writings


2010 to 2011


The Ocean / The Waves Gallery & Unknown Press

January 2010 to January 2011
gallery statement:
The Ocean / The Waves Gallery & Unknown Press was an expansion of the thought of two artists as much as it was a gallery: Gillian S. Wilson and Damien Crisp. Set in the center of New York City’s commercial art world, Chelsea, we lived briefly on the path of the culture tourists. This birth and direction was a resistance to, and a re-thinking of, the art world as a social culture and the art market as an entity. The agenda was a text written by co-founder Damien Crisp. Slave (Expanded) is a critique of contemporary art’s context. It is a manifesto composed of prose, tangents, and a narrative of the irrational drowned by a corporate ethos. The artists were vulnerable, poetic; their material pressed against – to break – the cold corporate sphere encasing the aesthetic, conceptual, and social electricities of New York’s art world. The gallery space was the size of a prison cell or an intimate prayer room. It erased the social space found in most galleries, where professional networking at openings too often takes over an experience of love with an artist’s work. The project’s three books, published as Unknown Press, were a further expansion of thought, delivering the ideas and works of artists beyond the closed sphere of a white box.

Slave (Expanded)

published 2010
Unknown Press,  New York City
Slave (Expanded) is a critique of contemporary arts context. It is a manifesto composed of prose, tangents, and a narrative of the irrational drowned by a corporate ethos. This publication includes a visual appendix of 368 images. Click image below for a preview page.

Public Broadcast of ‘Slave (Expanded)

October 29, 2010
To coincide with Gagosian Gallery’s opening for Robert Rauschenberg on October 29th, 2010, The Ocean / The Waves Gallery & Unknown Press staged a public broadcast of Slave (Expanded) by Damien Crisp at 7pm, on the sidewalk across the street from the new Gagosian Gallery complex in New York’s Chelsea district. Slave (Expanded) is published by Unknown Press and is the agenda for The Ocean / The Waves Gallery. The text is a digital audio version of Slave read by an automated voice created by At&t. Parts 1 and 2 of this version are online here: youtube. Assisted by Linda Tolbert, GIllian S. Wilson and Audry Celteste Worster.

Judy America

August 2010
As a false identity, Judy Ammeric, I walked into Facebook networks of right wing America – documented as screen captures and a series of digital posters used for the project.


Unknown Journal

series of online articles 2010 to 2012
‘Unknown’ is the condition of the modern artist (for the famous and the obscure). The modern artist eats exile; is resistance; seeks visions.



December 17 – 19, 2009
3 sets of images chosen and posted in real time to Facebook. Each set is paired with an appendix documenting Facebook’s live feed.


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